How Color Night Vision Works

Most cameras have infrared night vision, however, until now, the image at night has been black and white. Now, Gigabytes brings you the greatest technology in IP cameras since 4k video: full color night vision cameras.

There are a couple of ways to do color night vision. The first is to just light up the area with visible light all the time. This is traditionally how we have overcome the limitations of infrared illumination. Some cameras even have large floodlights built in to be able to illuminate the immediate area with visible light. This is a perfectly effective way to make color night vision a reality.

The modern way our solution works is to utilize AI to analyze the image for human and vehicle activity specifically and optionally turn on a small spot light to warn off any would-be perpetrators. Normally, a small light is not enough to effectively illuminate the area but when you couple it with a better low-light image sensor and the built-in AI, what you get is a full color picture in what is effectively total darkness.

It doesn’t require any special equipment (just the right camera) and all the image processing is done at the camera so what your recorder sees is a color picture from the camera. This allows you to better identify people and vehicles at night and recoup potential losses faster.

Could your security benefit from color night vision? Let us know and get 33% off your labor.