Courier Services

Gigabytes Courier Services
Moving People and Things to Places in a 10-state area. Starting at $48.
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Lots of places deliver and you have plenty of choice when it comes shipping across country. However, what if you just need a printer delivered across town? A computer sent to your out of town office? What if you need a piece of equipment sent several states over RIGHT NOW to prevent tens of thousands of dollars in downtime?

This is what our courier services were designed for. Rather than taking an important employee to be a delivery driver, keep them in the office where they are the most effective and hire us to get that package or piece of equipment to its destination quickly.

Not just things! We move people too!

Do you have an employee who is stranded? Need to make that very important appointment out of state but the car is in the shop? Ride services often do not go far enough. We can help there too.

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