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So, you got a Commodore 64 or bought a C64 Mini and don’t know what to do with it? This list is not comprehensive, but it should get you started. For simplicity sake, we have linked directly to the site or store itself. Websites are dynamic, however, and the links could change. Let us know if that happens.

We are reasonably certain that the links provided are not only safe, but more or less legitimate sources as well. However, we cannot make any sort of guarantee to that.

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The C64 MiniHome of The C64 Mini
Individual ComputersHome of the C64 Reloaded
TFW8BThe Future Was 8 Bit
Ultimate 64Home of the Ultimate 64 board
Retro InnovationsHome of hardware mods for C64
Pixel WizardHome of new C64C style cases. 
Commodore4everAccessories for Commodore machines
CBMStuff.comA Variety of C64 Hardware
COREi643D Printed Commodore parts
Restore StoreMore Hardware (in German)
idoregesz.huUnique hardware from Hungary
64K64K YouTube Channel hosted by BastichB
Morgan Just GamesC64 longplays and info hosted by Jamie Morgan
Commodore4EverCommodore4Ever Channel
Jan BetaDetailed retro repairs hosted by Jan Beta
The 8-Bit GuyCommodore and retro hosted by David Murray
Perifractic C64C64 videos from Perifractic’s Retro Recipies
MsMadLemon C64C64 Videos from MsMadLemon
SIDspieler.deSID Music Site (German)
C64 RadioC64 SID Tunes Radio
Chicken HeadThe Chicken Head Chronicles Commodore 8 bit
Software (ROMs, disk image, and abandonware)
C64.comSite dedicated to preserving C64 software.
My AbandonwareMassive abandonware site
Games That Weren’tGames that Weren’t abandonware and recovery.
Gurce.netSite of C64 Mini Wiki and some game packs
C64 SceneThe C64 Scene Database
GEOSGEOS Software and docs
Commodore.softwareCommodore Utilities and Software
C64 GamesC64 Games site. (German)
Software NEW
ProtovisionDeveloper of current C64 Games
RetroGamerCDDeveloper of New C64 Games
Poly.Play New Hardware and Software 
C64OSC64 OS Project
8bitguyHome of Planet X2 and other software
PsytronicDownloadable C64 and other Commodore games
RetroZoneBoxed versions of Psytronic Software
VICEVICE multi-system Commodore emulator
Combian 64Raspberry Pi Quick boot VICE emulator
Books, Reference, and Documentation
Archive.orgCommodore 64 Book Archive.
SharewarePLUSC64 Hardware Blog
C64 Mini ZoneC64 Mini reference site with useful tools
GameBase64C64 Games Database
Lemon64Large Forum for Everything Commodore
C64 WikiThe Commodore 64 Wiki
Zzap! 64Zzap! 64 Magazine and archive
Reset 64Reset Magazine
Commodore FreeCommodore Free Magazine
C64 BlastC64 Blast Magazine
Other Sites
C64 RegistryCommodore Serial Number Registration
Breadbox64C64 Blog
Commodore BBSCommodore Bulletin Board Service Outpost 
The C64 CommunityThe C64 (Mini) User board
C64 Fan AppWeb based C64  aggregator. (Login Required)

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The C64 Mini Adding Flags to Image Files

The C64 Mini can set all kinds of settings through the use of .CJM files, however, what if you just have a single problematic game and don’t really want to configure a whole .CJM file? There is a older method that works with the mini called Flag Configuration.

How it works: At its most basic, it is simply renaming a file and adding an underscore (_) and a two capital letter tag to the end of the file name.

Example: Jupiter-lander.d64 —> Jupiter-lander_J1.d64

The above example tells the mini that this file is a joystick port 1 game.

SIDE NOTE: The ports on the Commodore had to be addressed directly from code so some games used joystick port 1 and most others used joystick port 2.

Commodore 64 joystick control ports.

You can add any number of flags in any order to the end of the file. It should be noted that if your game has underscores in the name, you may have to remove those as well for this to work.

Example: The Jupiter Lander file is a PAL joystick 1 image you want to run on an NTSC system. It doesn’t load properly so you want to turn the cycle accurate disk reader on (use Accurate Disk Drive Mode).

Jupiter-lander.d64 —> Jupiter-lander_TPJ1AD.d64

Flag Key

J1This sets the primary joystick port as port 1. With a second Joystick connected, it automatically uses port 2.Use this flag if you cannot use a joystick with a game you know should work with one.
J2This sets the primary joystick port as port 2. With a second Joystick connected, it automatically uses port 1.Port 2 is the default for the Mini so it does not need to be set.
ADStands for “Accurate Disk”. Turns on the cycle exact disk reader on the Mini.Use this if your game is unstable when you try to run it.
ROThis makes the disk image read-only. This is mainly for protection, however, some games did check this for copy protection.
NI“No Indicator” turns off the drive access indicator.Mainly a user preference thing.
TNTells a PAL (European) system that the disk image is NTSC (Japan and North America).Use if you are running a PAL system with an NTSC image or the game play seems too slow.
TPTells an NTSC (Japan and North America) system that the disk image is PAL (European).Use if you are running a NTSC system with an PAL image or the game play seems too fast.

This information is found in more detail here under Appendix A.

Technical Note: “Accurate Disk” does slow the loading of games down, however, it does not turn off the “fast loader” on the C64 Mini. Before loading your ROM or disk image, press the third button on the C64 Mini to turn off Fast Load.

Linux OS Downloads

These are various Linux operating systems to download and install that Gigabytes Technology Supports. Linspire Linux requires a license purchase.

Gigastrand OS
GsOS 1.2Gigastrand OS v1.2. Debian 6 / KDE 32bit
GsOS 2.4Gigastrand OS v2.4. Debian 7 / KDE 32bit
Gs0S 3.6Gigastrand OS v3.6. Debian 8 / KDE 64bit
Freespire KDEFreespire 3.08. Ubuntu 16 / KDE 64bit
Freespire 4.5Freespire 4.5. Ubuntu 18 / KDE 64bit
LinspireLinspire 8 available for purchase.