How-to Security Videos

micro server 2 RAID

Instructional Videos for Unisight Video Security Systems

Creating BackupsHow-to video on creating Backups (Local WMV)
Client ConnectionHow-to video on using the client software (Local WMV)
Review PlayerHow to Use the review Player to playback backups (YouTube)
iPhone ClientiPhone Client installation (YouTube)
Software InstallInstalling / Updating DVR software (YouTube)
DVR RegistrationHow to register the DVR software (YouTube)
DVS SetupAdding a DVS device or IP camera (YouTube)
Client ConnectionCreating new client connections (YouTube)
Client BackupsHow To Do a client Backup (YouTube)

Video Security Manuals

Manuals for Unisight Security systems.

Most Requested

Backup Instructions

Step-by-step backup instructions

Playback Instructions

Step-by-step playback instructions
PC DVR Manuals

DVR Server Manual

Full Server Manual

DVR Client Manual

Full Client Manual

Installation Guide

Installation manual
Network GuideDVR Networking Guide
Watchdog 2.0 ManualWatchdog v2.0 manual
Matrix SetupMatrix Setup manual
Configuring FirefoxHow to configure Firefox to connect to the DVR web client Interface.
DVR Color CodesDVR Dongle color Codes
Reindexing GuideGuide to reindexing
Voice Chat GuideVoice Chat How To
Supported IP CamerasDVR Supported IP Cameras
IP Camera ResolutionsIP Camera Resolution Guide
Mobile Clients
iPhone Client
iPhone manual and setup instructions
Android Client
Android manual and setup instructions (Coming Soon)
iVMS 4500 iPhone ManualiPhone Setup Manual written by Gigastrand
iVMS 4500 iPhone Manual HIKiPhone Setup Manual (HIK)
iVMS 4500 Android ManualAndroid Setup Manual (HIK)
iVMS 4500 Blackberry ManualBlackberry Setup Manual (HIK)
iVMS 4500 Windows MobileWindows Mobile Setup Manual (HIK)
Standalone Manuals
HIK Standalone QuickstartFor HIKVISION Branded Standalone Quickstart (HIK-7300HI-S)
HIK Standalone ManualFor HIKVISION Branded Standalone Manual (HIK-7300HI-S)